New Life is not a simple redesign of the old developmental mathematics; we began by focusing on our mission (purpose), and identified student learning that supports those goals.

Here is a 'primer' on New Life:

Mission Statement -- WHY DO WE EXIST?

A Pathway Vision -- Meeting the Mission ... efficiently Curricular Model

The First Course -- Mathematical Literacy for College Students: Mathematical Literacy for College Students

The Second Course -- Algebraic Literacy (formerly called "Transitions" Algebraic Literacy Course

The "Guide to New Life" page has a series of presentations that talk about the important concepts and issues. Guide To New Life

Additional information (and presentations) on the New Life model is available at DevMathRevival

The presentations page is Instant Presentations at DevMathRevival

The New Life Project is sponsored by the Developmental Mathematics Committee of AMATYC, and we are honored to have many professionals from other organizations involved in our work (NADE and MAA in particular). Disclaimer: These pages represent the work of the Project, and do not represent official AMATYC positions.
[updated November 6, 2012]