Materials for "Bringing New Life to Developmental Mathematics" (November 8 session)

Mathematical Literacy for College Students (MLCS) Learning Outcomes:

Algebraic Literacy (AL) Learning Outcomes:

Presentation (power point slides): not yet available

New Life Sessions scheduled for AMATYC 2012 (Jacksonville, November 8 - 11)

Day & Time
Bringing New Life to Your
Developmental Mathematics
Jack Rotman
Thursday, 9:00 to 9:50am
Ready for New Life
in Developmental Math?
Jim Sullivan &
Lori Heymans
Friday, 7:50 to 8:40am
New Life Courses: Mathematical
Literacy and Transitions
Jack Rotman
Friday, 1:45 to 9:45pm
MLCS: Redesigning a New Pathway
for Non-STEM Majors
Kathy Almy &
Heather Foes
Thursday, 1:40 to 2:30pm
New Life for Introductory
Developmental Mathematics
Loye Henrikson
Saturday, 10:45 to 11:35am

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Your Input Needed
The AMATYC 2012 program committee has informed me ... that I will be doing both a general session on New Life AND a workshop on the New Life courses.

Your input is needed (especially about the workshop on the New Life courses):
  • What questions do you have about the New Life courses ("MLCS" and "Transitions")?
  • What would be most helpful to people coming to the workshop ... particular ideas, process, etc?
  • Suggestions for making the workshop the most helpful
Please post a comment on this page, or send an email to me with your ideas:
[April 16, 2012]

Let's plan our "New Life" work at next year's AMATYC conference (Jacksonville, FL) -- Novemeber 8 to 11.

Many faculty are interested in our New Life work. Some are just starting their exploration of alternatives ... some are getting serious about change ... and some are ready to implement change. Faculty in each of these categories have needs which we can help with.

For the "exploring" group, I will submit a proposal for a session like I did in 2010 (Boston) -- a session that motivated faculty to look at our work. It's possible that one session like this would be enough for this purpose.

For the "getting serious" group, I would like to submit a proposal for a workshop on the content of New Life courses; this workshop would cover the content in both of the courses (MLCS and Transitions) -- perhaps an hour for each. This type of a workshop functions better if there are multiple presenters, so let me know if you are interested in helping with this workshop. [One workshop like this is probably enough.]

For the '"ready to implement" group, I would like to have ANYBODY who has started teaching a New Life course to consider submitting a proposal. Your proposal might be for a session where you describe what you did and some details about 'how it went'. Or, your proposal might be for a workshop (2 hours) where you demonstrate how the class works and share some specific lessons from your course. I think that there is enough interest that we could have up to 3 workshops for implementing. Also, there could be a session or workshop shared by presenters at 2 different institutions.

Proposals are due by February 1; let's talk about what to do and then submit our proposals!

What next?
Sign in -- edit this page, and add your thoughts on the proposals. What would you be willing to do? Help with my 'getting serious' workshop? Do a 'implementing' workshop?