Overall, it has been about 2 years since this work began ... the New Life project (AMATYC Developmental Mathematics Committee).

It's time for people to report what has been happening with New Life in your place. On the discussion tab, post a comment with your information:

Your institution and state
Brief comment on what has been happening
Any questions you have for the community

Now, I am not expecting tons of people to say "we've implemented the New Life model!!"; our goal involves basic change, and I would not expect many people to have done the whole thing by now. (Some issues involved are listed on the "Implementer Central" page.)

Your comment might be 'we have a committee working on replacing beginning algebra in 2012', or 'we have revised our beginning algebra course to be half algebra and half MLCS', or 'we have implemented these elements of the New Life curriculum'. You might even post a comment like 'we wanted to do such and such, but the political pressure from the admin was too strong ... here were the problems ...'.

This information will be used in two ways. One, and obviously, other people in this community can see what other people are doing. (Of course, this only works if YOU say what you are doing!)

Two, I will prepare a summary report for the Developmental Mathematics Committee at the Novemmber conference. I do not plan to share individual details ... more like "Of the 72 responses at the wiki, reported implementing one or both New Life courses this year and _ reported work in progress for next year ... etc".

Thanks for you help in providing this information!!