Note: This page uses the original course names from 2009:
"FML" was the original name for the "Mathematical Literacy for College Students" (MLCS) course
"Transitions" was the original name for the "Algebraic Literacy" course

This page provides overall information on the New Life Vision for developmental mathematics.

For each topic, there is a short video presentation in two formats. Most people should use the 'flash' video (first one), as web browsers support that format (in general). The alternate format is provided as a back-up.

Video (flash)
Alternate video (mp4)

Why do we need "New Life"?

Introducing the New Life Mission Statement

How Many Courses Are "Too Many"? (or, How Long of a Math Pathway?)

Introducing the New Life Vision ... The Pathway

Introducing a Fundamentals Course: "Foundations of Mathematical Literacy"

Introducing The Transitions Course: Bridging to Math Intensive

The Big Question: What About Arithmetic??

The Big Question Part 2: Is This Just New Content?

Teaching and Learning in the New Vision

New Help for Old Cynics: Will this Work? Is it Truly Different?