On occasion, we may have focused too much on 'the content' of a new course. We have proceeded beyond a redesign of the old developmental mathematics courses, to build something worth providing to our students.

It is very important that we keep our eyes on the entire prize ... that we need to have a curricular model that addresses student needs and includes all of the basic dimensions.

As a tool to understand our model, we have a short (~ 5 minute) video that talks about a 'spinner'; now, the spinner is a simplification of a 3-dimensional model which has 4 concentric spheres built around the goal of student success. A 3-dimensional model is more difficult to present, though we may eventually use the tools that make this easier. For now, we are using the spinner to quickly get the basic ideas across.

The video is in 2 formats -- the first is 'flash' (which works in most browsers), and the second is 'mp4' (in case flash did not work for you).

Curricular model - FLASH
Curricular model - MP4